Mike Toney
Image of 1st and 2nd edition Hardcover Art Book bundle

1st and 2nd edition Hardcover Art Book bundle


Artbook Bundle - Black Anime Lost Chill-dren Of the diaspora and My Night Skin

My Night Skin - is a collection of Mike Toney's work between 2020-2023, inspired by his love for Anime and his study of the African diaspora. The title, My Night Skin, is inspired by the Night Skin movement of 2022 created by Tony Weaver as a way of disarming racists and empowering creators of color to embrace their night skin. Toney wanted this book to carry that same mission of embracing one's beautiful black skin and creating fearlessly.

The book is comprised of 100 pages of original black characters divided into 3 sections: Original Characters, On the Horizon, and Fan Art Re-imagined.


Black Anime Lost Chill-dren of the Diaspora is an art book comprised of 94 pages of original black anime content. The book is split into 4 sections: Original characters, Future stories, Fan-art, and growth. All the characters themselves are just as diverse and different as the different types of black people all over the world, which I felt like I didn't see.

In 2014 I made a vow to myself to draw every day no matter what. The more I drew, something started to occur to me. Most if not all of the characters I drew were White or Japanese and if I did draw a black person he wasn't intended to be the main character.

In 2016 I decided that I would get out of my comfort zone and only draw predominantly black people. The more I drew, the more I realized something was still off–my characters were missing a spark. That spark was the tie-in of black culture and mythology. I determined that all of my characters and stories would draw from African mythology and the African diaspora. Unknowingly this was the start of Black Anime Lost Chill-dren of the Diaspora.

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